NSF Digital Government: Biodiversity and Ecosystem Informatics 2002

Designing an Infrastructure for Heterogeneity of Ecosystem Data, Collaborators and Organizations Team Digital



Ethnographic Field Work

  • Jan02: LTER Palmer fieldwork (ongoing)
  • Feb02: LTER Palmer PI Meetings (San Diego, ongoing)
  • Feb02: LTER IM Executive Committee Meeting (San Diego, SDSC)
  • Apr02: LTER Site Visit - SEV
  • Apr02: LTER CC Executive Committee Meeting (Sevilleta)
  • Apr02: LTER CC Committee Meeting (Sevilleta)
  • Apr02: LTER Network Office Visit - NET (Albuquerque)
  • Jun02: LTER Site Visit - CAP
  • Jun02: LTER IM Metadata Workshop (Phoenix)
  • Jul02: LTER IM Committee Meeting (Orlando)
  • Aug02: LTER AND Site Visit (Oregon)
  • Sep02: LTER PAL PI Meeting (Virginia)



NSF BDEI 2002: Biodiversity and Ecosystem Informatics in collaboration with
  • NSF OPP: Palmer Long-Term Ecological Research Program
  • NSF DBI: Palmer LTER Site Information Management: Interfaces for Science and Education Interoperability