Media Gallery Help and Documentation

How do I submit a new gallery to the CCE Media Gallery?

You'll need to send us the files to be added and an Excel spreadsheet describing the files. Download the sample spreadsheet and fill out the following fields for each file:

  • Filename: The name of the image or movie described in the row. Make sure the text here matches the actual filename. The filename is case sensitive.
  • Year, Month, Day: The date on which the image or movie was created.
  • Photographer: The main author of the image or movie.
  • Keywords: A comma-spearated list of keyword numbers describing the image. Be sure to use the keyword numbers, not the actual keywords. A list of keywords numbers and the keywords they represent can be found on the Keywords worksheet of the sample spreadsheet.
  • Short Description: A brief description the media (two or three words).
  • Long Description: A full description of the media.