Conferences and Workshops

Cross Community Forums

  • 2005 Jan 03-06 HICSS39; Hawaii; (Baker, Jackson, Wanetick)
  • 2005 June 05-06 NIEeS Activating Metadata: the Role of Metadata in Effective Spatial Data Exploitation
  • 2005 June 7-11 JCDL Joint Conference for Digital Libraries: (pdf)
  • 2005 June 22 Talking Archives Group Meeting, UCLA (Sharon Traweek, Charlotte Linde, Jean-Francois Blanchette)
  • 2005 Oct 28 - Nov 02 ASIST American Society for Information Science and Technology: (pdf)

Social Science Forums

  • 2005 April 21 CSTS Center for Science, Technology and Society;
    International Conference Digital Divide or Digital Commons: Toward Global Knowledge Sharing
  • 2005 June SOC Book Chapter Author Workshop Olson: draft feb-mar05; workshop apr-may05
  • 2005 July 4-6 ArtCo International Symposium on Artifacts and Collectives. abstract (pdf); poster (pdf)
  • 2005 Aug 1-12 CSTS Center for Science, Technology and Society;
    Values in Computer and Information System Design; Graduate Student Workshop.
  • 2005 Oct 20-22 4S Society for Social Studies of Science: (Call);(PanelA); (PanelB)